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EPA Approves Remedial Investigation Report and Human Health Risk Assessment

EPA provided approval on 2 APR 2014 for the Remedial Investigation Report and Human Health Risk Assessment. Click here to download the reports and appendices.

Shipping Campaign Complete

The site completed another shipment of waste containers off site for disposal on 19Mar 2014. This round, a total of 32 containers were shipped. Twelve empty containers have been staged on site to be loaded for the next shipping campaign. A total of 186 containers (including 2 tankers) have been shipped to date.

Front view of container shipped on 19 Mar 2014.

Front view of container shipped on 19 Mar 2014.

Off-Site Shipment of Waste Resumes

Shipment of waste off-site for disposal resumed this week with 21 containers shipped as of Friday, March 14, 2014.

Building Clean-out Continues

The clean out of the Laboratory and second floor of Building A is now complete. The combustible walls in both Buildings A and B have been removed. The utility clean-out in Building B continues. See NTCRA Progress for photos showing Building C before and after clean-out.

Building Stabilization Activities Continue

Work inside the NMI buildings continues, such as removal of interior vacuum lines from buildings A, B, D, and D; removal of non-structural combustible walls in Buildings A and B; removal of interior utilities such as electrical conduits, process piping, non-process piping and ductwork; and removal of remaining equipment. See NTCRA Progress for photo of Building C Utility Removal.

Tank House Work Complete

The scope of work for the Tank House and Wastewater Treatment Area Work Plan was completed on January 29, 2014. See NTCRA PROGRESS  for progress photos.

High Hazard work has been suspended pending evaluation of findings from the initial work preparations.

Building Stabilization activities continue. Expecting off-site shipping to resume early spring 2014.

Work Staged to Begin in the New Year

While the site will be closed over the holidays (with security in full force), crews have begun implementation of the High Hazard work by setting up work zones and preparations to begin demolition work after the first of the year.

Clean-up Progresses

DSCF2052DSCF2121Photographs of Building C  as the clean out progresses. Staging of waste for shipment off site continues with shipment resuming early December.

Tank House Work Begins

EPA provided approval of the Tank House Plan,  RTC Tank House Work Plan V3 092413.pdf, 1OCT13 prior to the partial government shutdown. Decommissioning activities pursuant to the approved plan commenced on site this month.

More waste shipped off-site for disposal

Waste shipment continued for a brief period in late September and early October, shipping 16 intermodal containers off-site for disposal. Off-site waste shipment will resume again in mid-November.

Last updated on October 15, 2013