RI/FS Related Documents

Remedial Investigation

Type Name Author Date Size
Remedial Investigation Reportde maximis, AMEC, Geosyntec, Haley & AldrichApr 2, 20147.8 MB
RI Tables Apr 2, 20147.6 MB
RI Appendix C Selected Geophysical Survey Results and SW-2A Borehole Geophysical LogApr 2, 20145.5 MB
RI Appendix E Packer Testing ResultsApr 2, 201418.8 MB
RI Appendix G Dartmouth College Uranium Adsorption StudyApr 2, 20141.1 MB
RI Appendix H Data Quality AssessmentApr 2, 2014181.2 KB
RI Appendix F Depleted Uranium Fate and Transport ModelApr 2, 201430.5 MB
RI Appendix J Radionuclide Evaluation Figures and TablesApr 2, 2014616.2 KB
RI Appendix K Soil Gas Laboratory Analytical Reports and Level 1 Data Validation ChecklistsApr 2, 2014960.6 KB
RI Appendix D Bathymetric Survey AOI 4 Cooling Water Recharge PondApr 2, 2014280.8 KB
RI Appendix B Survey and Coordinate Data for Exploration LocationsApr 2, 2014115.4 KB
RI FiguresApr 2, 201477.2 MB
RI Appendix I Statistical Evaluations of Background SamplesApr 2, 2014177.9 MB
RI Appendix A Field Data RecordsApr 2, 2014188.0 MB
EPA Approval of RI Report and Human Health Risk AssessmentUSEPAApr 2, 201429.7 KB

Human Health Risk Assessment

Type Name Author Date Size
Final Human Health Risk AssessmentHaley & AldrichApr 2, 2014115.6 MB
NMI Final HHRA Appendix N-Background Data Evaluation and Sample LocationApr 2, 2014142.2 MB

Ecological Risk Assessment

Type Name Author Date Size
Ecological Risk Assessmentde maximis, incMar 8, 201235.9 MB
Baseline Ecological Risk AssessmentHaley & AldrichJun 16, 2014770.9 KB
Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment AppendicesHaley & AldrichJun 16, 201418.6 MB
Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment Tables and FiguresHaley & AldrichJun 16, 201439.5 MB

Delineation Memo

Type Name Author Date Size
Groundwater Delineation Memode maximis, incMar 8, 201211.7 MB
Response to Comments on Delineation Memode maximis, incMar 8, 20121.2 MB
RI Data Evaluation Soil-Sed-SW (Complete)de maximis, incMar 8, 201241.8 MB

Administrative Order On Consent

Type Name Author Date Size
Administrative Order by Consent (AOC)de maximis, incMar 8, 20121.1 MB
Statement of Work (SOW)Oct 24, 20031.4 MB
(AOC Appendix C) Amendment to RIFS AOCFeb 19, 20081.1 MB

Additional Documents

Type Name Author Date Size
Phase 1B Scope of Workde maximis, incNov 14, 20055.6 MB
Additional Phase IC Sampling Letterde maximis, incMay 14, 20083.8 MB
February 2004 Semiannual Groundwater Sampling ResultsGeoSyntec Consultants, Inc.Jun 4, 200458.3 KB
June 2004 Semiannual Groundwater Sampling ResultsGeoSyntec Consultants, Inc.Feb 8, 2005133.5 KB
Revised Phase IC Work Plande maximis, incApr 15, 200828.6 MB

RI Workplan Final 04-15-2005

Type Name Author Date Size
Risk Assessment Plande maximis, incApr 13, 20052.9 MB
Groundwater Modeling Plande maximis, incApr 13, 20053.5 MB
Community Involvement Support Plande maximis, incApr 14, 200514.0 MB
Project Summary and Operations Plande maximis, incApr 13, 2005150.0 MB

RI Workplan Final 09-29-2004

Type Name Author Date Size
Health and Safety Plande maximis, incSep 29, 200414.7 MB
Quality Assurance Project Plande maximis, incSep 29, 200436.2 MB
Field Sampling Plande maximis, incSep 29, 200453.2 MB
Site Management Plande maximis, incSep 27, 200413.6 MB
Workplan Modification Requestde maximis, incOct 20, 20041.1 MB


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