NTCRA Upcoming Activities

*Please note that these dates are approximate and represent our best estimates.

Summer 2015

  • Continue coordination with demolition contractor.
  • Commence decontamination efforts to free-release Mercury containing equipment to be recycled.
  • Complete removal of Rooftop Systems.
  • Fill and camp the 1400 ton press and pickling area pits and remaining slab penetrations.
  • Continue Building Stabilization activities: commence interior cleaning campaign in preparation for demolition; apply “lock-down” agent and prepare buildings for demolition; sample and ship the aqueous waste from the frac-tank for off-site disposal.
  • Continue¬†loading and preparation of intermodal containers.
  • Complete second shipping campaign of 2015.
  • Submit the Phase 3 Construction Submittal for demolition of site structures to the Agencies for review and approval. The Phase 3 Construction Submittal includes the design for the Temporary Cover and Sub Slab Investigation Plan.
  • Commence building characterization associated with the Phase 3 Building Demolition.

Fall/Winter 2015

  • Complete building demolition and placement of building slab cover.
  • Perform sub-slab boring investigation.


Last updated on July 16, 2015