NTCRA Upcoming Activities

*Please note that these dates are approximate and represent our best estimates.

Winter 2016

  • Continue packaging and shipping demolition debris for off-site disposal.
  • Commence building characterization associated with the Phase 3 Building Demolition.
  • Complete Stage 1 of building demolition for smaller buildings (Tank House, Pump House, Butler buildings). Remove large equipment and underground storage tanks. EnergySolutions removal work for off-site disposal.
  • Seal remaining floor cracks and penetrations. Cover slabs with temporary cover.
  • Assemble water treatment system for dust suppression and rainwater collection during building demolition activities.
  • Upon Concord Fire Department approval, terminate the fire suppression system in the buildings.
  • Maintain winterized site.

Late Spring/Summer 2016

  • Complete Stage 2 of building demolition and placement of building slab cover.
  • Perform sub-slab boring investigation.


Last updated on October 11, 2016